R&R in Sun Valley

We are currently on vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho. You may say that is an interesting choice considering we are in the middle of a massive renovation project and we need to move into our new home by the end of the month. If you were thinking that you would be right, but we are here nonetheless.

To be fair, we actually planned this trip before we bought the house, so we have that as an excuse.
What is keeping us from freaking out and canceling our trip is that we have some pretty amazing parents. Catee's parents are back in Brooklyn camping out at the house overseeing renovations, while my parents are taking care of Saydie - and they were the one's who gave us this trip in the first place as a present after winning the house in a Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) silent auction.

So thanks to Germain, Ron, Colleen and Pauline, we get to enjoy some R&R and spring skiing for the next week.

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