3 Days, 3 States and 3 Mountains

Dave hiking Mary's Nipple, Grand Targhee Resort, Alta, Wyoming.
We just completed an epic road trip - 3 days, 3 states (Idaho, Montana and Wyoming), 3 mountains (Sun Valley, Big Sky and Grand Targhee).

Yesterday we had a nice day of skiing at Big Sky and decided to head down to Grand Targhee where we heard they were supposed to be receiving anywhere from 5-10 inches of snow. The 4 hour drive through Yellowstone and Targhee National Forests was beautiful. We were enjoying the scenery until we hit a blizzard, which was a bit scary as we were forced to drive 10 mph with our hazards on.

Luckily we reached our final destination - the Super 8 in Driggs, Idaho - without incident.

The calm before the storm. Yellowstone National Park.
This morning started off with a bit of a hitch - I left the headlights on overnight and needed to get the car jump started - but we ended up having an amazing day of skiing at Grand Targhee.

Grand Targhee, located in Alta, WY, is known to be a great place for skiers seeking powder. It is in the snow belt and receives over 500 inches of snow each year. Also, being pretty out of the way allows skiers who can get there on a powder day to have their pick of fresh tracks all day.

Our first run was right off the main lift and despite being a good 30 minutes after the lifts opened to the public we got to lay down some fresh tracks. As we got back on the chairlift we were joined by a Targhee employee named Scott who had just finished working in the terrain park. After chatting with Scott on the ride up, he asked if we wanted to ski a run with him. One run turned into 3 hours involving hikes up Mary's Nipple and Peaked, a view of Grand Teton, and some first tracks in fresh powder with nobody in sight.

Catee Hiking Mary's Nipple.
After an epic day of skiing we hopped back into the car and completed our road trip with some beef jerky and a 4 and a half hour drive back to Sun Valley.

You know you are in Idaho when...

It's nice to finish a road trip and still be on vacation - we have three more days in Sun Valley before we head home.

No explanation needed.

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