Jerusalem Artichokes

We got Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) in our farm share last week. I had no idea what to do with them, so I googled ‘the best way to eat Jerusalem artichokes’. Lo and behold, the Globe and Mail had a little blurb by almost the same name.

This recipe is delicious.  I wanted to use someone else's pictures because there is just no way anyone other than a professional photographer can make this food look good, but I couldn't find any!  You'll just have to trust me, the recipe is fast and tasty.  I must admit though, it really does make sunchokes delicious by turning them into a vessel for garlicky mayonnaise, which might be cheating a little.  My quest for good sunchoke recipes will continue, but you should give this one a shot.

From Karen Barnaby, executive chef at Vancouver’s Fish House in Stanley Park speaking to the Globe and Mail:

"To cook them, don’t peel them, but scrub them well. Then steam them whole for about 15 minutes and refresh in cold water. They are best eaten at room temperature, and I'd serve them with a garlic mayonnaise. Take a half cup of mayonnaise, stir in a clove of minced garlic, about 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of whole capers. Cut the cooked Jerusalem artichokes in half-inch slices and serve them with a nice piece of roasted Pacific halibut, with the mayonnaise on the side.”


  1. Congratulations Catee and Dave. I just stumbled on your blog and can fully relate to all the "fun" that is instore. We did the same, check out our blog (www.bedstuyorbust.blogspot.com).

    Happy to share any renovation tips, we've picked up. Best of luck and will be checking in regularly. Best, Billy

  2. I'm so happy you stumbled upon our blog! I just checked yours - your house looks amazing. We are so far from that point. Would love to meet up and chat renos. We will definitely keep checking your blog too.