How to Pull a 400 lb Bathtub Up the Stairs (please don't actually do this, its a terrible idea)

We've had a bit of bathtub drama over the past few weeks. First, our bathtub delivery was delayed because it was stuck in a snowstorm in Chicago, of all places. Then when it finally arrived it was damaged! Another bathtub was ordered and when the second bath tub arrived, a full 6 weeks after it was initially scheduled, it was ALSO DAMAGED.  And not damaged just enough for me to ask for a deal and take it, (which I tried) but dented, scratched, gauged to the point where it was not usable. By the time this happened yesterday, my contractor was about to internally combust, and I also was not far from loosing my mind. So, I marched down the plumbing store, picked myself a not-too-bad, in-stock second choice and had it delivered today.  This is what transpired afterward.

How to Pull a 400 lb Bathtub Up the Stairs 

1. Realize that the new 32", 400lb bathtub does not fit up out 30" stairs, and that delivery services do not include getting it up the stairs.

2.  Decide to put the tub on wooden skis, and pull it up the stairs.

3.  Cut the wall at the top of the stairs to accommodate tub size.

4.  Attach multiple ratchet straps to the house joists and then to the bathtub. 

5. Spend roughly 2 hours ratcheting the tub up  the stairs, making sure to tighten each of the straps, as they act as brakes making sure the tub doesn't rocket down the stairs killing everything in its path.

6. Celebrate!

Note: Please please please do not do this.  This was a really crazy, totally unsafe idea borne out of desperation.  It also was carried out by a contractor and two people with an abnormal level of comfort using ratchet straps.

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