Hallway update!

The progression of the hallway.
Among the renovations that we are doing at the house, we are adding a powder room and closet to the parlor floor.  To do so, we needed doors. We could have bought some at Home Depot, but I wanted to use whatever material we could from the house, and was afraid that anything less 95" doors that matched the kitchen entrance (left) would look a little dinky next to their giant counterpart.  I hatched a plan to take the living room doors off of their hinges, trim them down to 28" and hang them in the powder room and closet.  My father - who would be doing the work - was skeptical. Doors so big required him to make custom frames, add extra strong hinges,  and to shave roughly 4 inches off of each of the doors, which were already in rough shape. Nevertheless, he did it, and they look fantastic -they look like they have always been a part of the house. Please forgive the pictures! The mots recent ones I took last night in the dark because I was too excited to wait, and the older ones were taken on my phone when we first bought the house.

The living room doors before being removed, repaired and rehung. 

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