Is it wrong to chose a paint color because of its name?  

The second that I read that it was named Tundra I was in love with the color. I have had planting on the brain lately and the word Tundra brings back many planting memories for me.  Every once in a white I get nostalgic about about the 8 summers that I spent in the bush, sleeping in a tent, seeing moose on my way to work. When mornings in May and June felt like the dead of winter we use to joke about working in the tundra.  Of course we were not even close to being that far north, but it certainly felt like we were. Somehow so far removed, the bugs, the backache, sleepless nights, trucks stuck in mud holes, and the sometimes incessant rain (I'm looking at you Swan River) seem to fade away, even seem pleasant.

So Tundra it is.

Tundra painted walls from Material Girl's Blog

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