Recent purchases, rambling about the house

3 toilets
A bathtub
2 individual bathroom sinks, one for the powder room, one for the ¾ bath
A double vanity with two sinks for the main bathroom.
Faucets for each of the bathroom sinks
A shower base kit to put under the tiles in the ¾ bath
Two sets of shower heads / faucets
Tiles for everything
Door knobs
Kitchen cabinets
Cabinet hardware
Kitchen counter – island
A kitchen sink
Kitchen faucets
A kitchen counter – alcove
Lighting for everything
Hardwood flooring
Hot water tank

Not on this list but we bought it anyway: the awesome 'eat' sign from Olde Good things. Total impulse purchase but so worth it. Don't look too closely at the price. We bargained for it.

Figure out what to do about the facade.
Figure out what to do about the fence.
Check in on the renovation.
Take more pictures.
Get ready for out vacation next week!
Get the new hot water tank installed.
Remind electricians to put dimmers on the light switches.
Remind the contractor to do what I told him to do. Again.

We've had a pretty busy month - I must say there are way more details to think about that I had anticipated.  Also, some of my guesstimate budgets were way off - I had no idea what things like faucets, lighting and hardware cost -some of our faucets cost more than our sinks! And doorknobs! My parents were more serious about the doorknobs than they were about anything else in the house.  My mom was all "Oh honey, doorknobs are crazy. Their CRAZY." My dad told me, "You can't just get anything. There's NOTHING WORSE than entering a house with a flimsy doorknob. You have to go and try them all out before you chose." 

Who knew?

In the end we have decided to save on things like tiles, decor, and low traffic areas like the extra bathroom. For hardwood floors, despite our desire to get beautiful five inch planks, we are going with more classic, affordable 3 inch planks. We're splurging on appliances, faucets in high traffic areas like the kitchen and main bathroom.  As much as I would love crystal door knobs, I think we're going to have to settle for something more basic like oil rubbed bronze from a good quality name brand.

For lighting, Dave and I totally lucked out and found some great deals at the Design Within Reach outlet.  I was worried going there that the lights would be discounted from $3000 to $2800, as the sales on their website are really uninspiring. Instead, we got 5 lamps worth ~$2000 for $250! Sure they have some dings and scratches, but I am fairly certain that no one will ever notice them.  

We got 2 of these Titan 3 lights in black - originally $735 each for $75 each!! 3 of these FL/Y pendants in, originally $249 for $19!!! Finally, we got this barn light, originally $315 for $50! Pardon the exclamation points, but I am clearly pretty psyched.

More pictures will come soon, I promise. The truth is that they are just not that exciting. They are mainly of drywall old flooring, and the rooms are so dusty that they come out looking grainy.  But I am working on it.

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