Deep Thoughts Thursday

2 million people have been displaced by conflict in Syria. Image from standnow.org.
Asides from the house, here is what I have been watching / thinking about this week:

The Kenyan elections that are coming up -  and one of the candidates has been accused of crimes against humanity following ~1200 deaths in protests during the last elections.  Read / view more about it at Irin, and the BBC.

More about Syria. I really just can't believe how much we hear about Syria and attacks on civilians in the news, yet how little is being done.  An interactive timeline of the politics of the conflict in Syria here, more about recent attacks here and here, and about the humanitarian situation here.

And lets not forget Mali here.

Workwise, I have been trying to draw lessons from how businesses have coped with Hurricane Sandy: how they dealt with the immediate crisis: how they care for their staff and how their staff cared for them in return, but also how they communicated with staff, how they continued to operate when their facilities were badly damaged and how they could afford to pay the bills while they were out of work.  I am particularly interested in how non-profits managed. The building that I used to work in - and that houses amazing organizations like the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Guttmacher Institue, and the US Fund for UNICEF  the was shut down until January of this year. You can read about the building here.

On a more lifting note.  Watch Eddie the Otter play basketball to alleviate his arthritis.  Dave loves that when he misses he keeps trying. What do you love about this?

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