Prison Break!

Today was a very good day.


Most of my time in Haiti is spent indoors, slumped over a computer.  Either that or stuck in traffic. Physical activity of the outdoor variety can be especially scarce in Port au Prince. The last time I was here, I lamented  that the car that drives me to work everyday felt like a prison.  This time I decided to break free.  

Alix, Miss Maude and I went on a roadtrip. We could feel the temperature drop as our car climbed out of the sweaty city into the misty mountains of Kenscoff. 

As I stepped out to take pictures of a field (below), I could feel eyes on me.  I turned around to find this little guy looking at me (above). Soon Miss Maude and I were walking through the fields and woods behind his house, meeting his parents, his siblings, his friends and his neighbors.  

We walked randomly and without direction, just because we could. It was bliss.

PS: if you click on any one of these pictures, you can view them as a slide show.
PPS: please forgive my inability to curate. I just liked some of these pictures too much.

Miss Maude ( a nurse at Profamil - nurses in Haiti are called Miss)

I only just started taking pictures of people, and I always try to ask them for permission.  Today, some of the women were hesitant to be in a picture, so I offered to take one with them first. I used the iphone function that allows you to take self-portraits while looking at yourself in the viewfinder.  For some of these women it was their first time seeing their faces on screen.  Look at the excitement!
It's so exciting when people see their faces moving on a screen.
This woman's name is Darling.  Isn't that fitting?

A mural - on someone's house!

Whoa! That's a lot of plantains.
Pork to go with the plantains.

Bootleg liquor.

Alex (driver) chewing sugar cane.

Miss Maude, giving me lessons on how to chew sugar cane.
Munching on sugar cane.
Canons at Fort Jacques
Canons at Fort Jacques

View from Fort Jacques
View from Fort Jacques

View from Fort Jacques

View from Fort Jacques
Fort Jacques
People now live in Fort Jacques, and are doing their laundry.
the well at Fort Jacques.

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