Real NYC Experiences Part 1 (the subway)

This post about fun things to do in NYC is the first in a series of three that was originally posted by Dave on our wedding blog.  New Yorkers should feel free to give suggestions by either emailing us or posting in the comments section.

We’ll culminate this series of postings with our Top 10 list, but for now we’ll start with the ultimate NYC experience - riding the NYC subway.

The subway is a true NYC experience.

The subway can be wonderful - it’s cheap, fast, convenient, runs 24/7, there is great people watching...

The subway can be awful - it’s dirty, smelly, it runs infrequently at night or on weekends when they are doing construction...

The subway is the great equalizer - it puts the 99% in the same place and situation as the 1%, bankers with nursing students, and hipsters with Hasids.

We encourage everyone to take the subway while in town - it is often the quickest and easiest way to get around the city.

Here are four great videos of the NYC subway experience

Makin’ Sweet Music
Snackman Saves the Day

How a Nursing Student Helps Pay Tuition

What's Up Lady?
After watching these videos you have decided the subway isn’t your thing, there are always cabs - which will probably have a post on later.

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