Rapid Growth

It has started. People have begun offering me their seats on the subway. It usually happens after I have been on the train for a couple of stops. Sometimes I hear whispering, or consulting with a friend, "I think she might be pregnant.  Do you think she's pregnant?" The first time it happened I was totally surprised, a man reached over and touched my arm. I was just about to shoot him the don't-touch-me-you-creep look when I saw him smiling kindly and looking at my midsection.

For those who have seen me recently, this may come as a surprise. I wasn't that big at all. I am still not big, but definitely a little rounder in the belly. I know this sounds crazy, but its really surprising how quickly I am growing. Every night I lie in bed with my hands on my tummy thinking, "holy cow, its getting bigger!"  I know, you are probably thinking, well, duh...  But honestly, I didn't anticipate feeling such rapid changes. I am only 17 weeks and I  can't even do up my pants.

Which brings me to my next point: maternity clothes are awesome. I honestly wonder why women who aren't pregnant don't wear them all them all the time. Granted, I am an elasto-phobe, and hate wearing anything that is tight around the waist.  I also love loose tops and frequently have to undo my pants after a big meal (damn you skinny jeans) so I am all over the idea of a belly band, which basically allows you to pull down your fly and still look presentable in public. I will definitely be wearing these long after the baby is born...

The two dresses at the top are from Asos Maternity. The tops and belly bands are from TopShop Maternity.

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