Christmas at Lac Green

The past three Christmases we have spent up at Catee's parents house up on Lac Green in the Laurentians north of Montreal.

It is beautiful up here this time of the year. It's cold, but you are guaranteed a white Christmas. This year there was a big snow storm right before we arrived - knocking out power for 40,000 people, but luckily sparing us.

Saydie loves it up here. With very few cars around she (and the 3 other dogs here) get to run free, chase deer and frolic in the snow.

Us humans get to have some fun as well . Andrée (Catee's sister), Catee and I got some skiing in at Tremblant. And we also got some sledding in thanks to Andrée and her partner, Jen's construction of a luge track along the side of the house.

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