The view from here (after a month back at work)

Wednesday marks the end of my first month back at work. The first week back I was like, "Yeah!  Its noon and I am already dressed! I am wearing a bra!  With under-wires, no less! I am having adult conversations!" I even went a couple of minutes without thinking about Benoît or anything else baby-related, for that matter.

My mother couldn't have been more right when she called that the honeymoon period. The joy of going back has already been replaced with a love of caffeine, and of the clock striking 5.  But while the romance with work might be over, my love for Ben is still going strong. Yes, I am exhausted, and no, Ben still doesn't sleep through the night. No, my clothes don't quite fit me yet, and yes, pumping is still the pits.  But nothing beats the feeling of coming home to this face every night.

From where I stand, things look pretty good.

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